Is it Time for a Packaging Redesign?

three boxes of tea of different flavors sit side by side

As time goes on, trends and consumer tastes change. To stay competitive in today’s market, you may need to ask yourself, is it time to change my packaging?

If your sales are waning or maybe it’s just been a while, your company may want to think about redesigning your packaging. Change isn’t always easy, however, sometimes it is important to keep up with the current times. The design of packaging can have an influence on your customers, which, in turn, affects your overall bottom line. What goes into redesigning packaging? Our partners at Packaging Distributors of America discuss a little bit about the necessary steps to launch a successful new packaging design.

The first impression is key! Focus on what consumers will first come in contact with. You can do this by using the following elements as part of your design:

  • Logo – having a prominent brand identity is key to capturing the attention of consumers
  • Transparency – be honest with customers and let them know what they are getting. Your packaging should summarize the essence of what your product is and does.
  • Easy to read details – whether that be ingredients, warnings, or other information, make sure it is easy to read for the consumer.

Also, don’t forget about the secondary packaging! This is the outer box items that your product gets shipped in. Secondary packaging nowadays is super important with the increase of e-commerce use now more than ever before such as services like Amazon. 

Some tips to consider when designing secondary packaging are:

  • Think about something different than just a traditional brown box. For example, a colorful logo or something attention-grabbing or possibly a seasonal flare.
  • A consumer’s unboxing experience should be methodically thought out as well. Brainstorm ideas about the tissue paper used, tape designs, and box inserts. 

Ask yourself, is it time for a package redesign? At Pioneer Packaging, we can help you revamp your product packaging and take it to the next level. Whether it’s packaging designs or logistics, contact us to learn more!

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