How to Choose the Best Packaging for Your Brand

Custom packaging for brand

Ever heard the saying, “The devil is in the details”? Yeah, that’s pretty much true everywhere – even in packaging! What appears simple can be “secretly” complicated – yet it makes a supreme difference when you zoom out to look at the big picture.

Paying attention to all the minor details sets your brand apart from your competitors. Plus, it stirs up brand loyalty – and that’s the goal of any business that wants to succeed. Of course, in order to nail down your packaging, it must resonate with your target customers!

Lucky for you – you’ve got us – and guiding businesses toward packaging WINS is what we do best! So get your pocket protectors ready and your hair in a bun! We’re going full geek mode as we dive into the nitty-gritty details that can really set your packaging apart.

Choosing the Right Materials

When it comes to packaging up your nifty product, it’s important to choose materials that make sense for what’s inside and what aligns with your brand’s unique marketplace position. So, let’s step outside the box and get creative with our packaging! 

For example – If you value sustainability and wish to emphasize this to your target audience – consider opting for some trendy sustainable packaging material – shrimp shells, sheep’s wool, coconut husks, you name it! There are plenty of exotic and environmentally friendly packaging options out there. Be creative and stay true to your die-hard brand values!

Other popular packaging materials include:

  • Shrink Film –  used for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, retail products, etc. 
  • Blister Packs  –  used to individually protect items such as lozenges, medication, supplements, etc.
  • Corrugated Material –  is cost-effective, time-tested, sustainable, and used in various applications and dimensions.

Yes, your budget speaks up when choosing materials, but try to find what works best overall. The small details make a big difference in capturing your customers’ hearts and minds.

Branded Design

Your branded design is crucial! Invest some time scanning, scrolling, and populating market trends to help you pinpoint your ideal target audience. When you get a grasp on exactly who is standing at the checkout holding your product or adding it to their virtual shopping cart – you’ll be able to communicate and connect with this target demographic much better! 

Quick caveat – don’t be a shopper-stalker (creepy is not a good look), but try to understand your target audience’s goals, needs, wants, and preferences. Your packaging design is the face of your brand, and you want to make sure it makes a show-stopping first impression. So, spend some quality time getting to know your audience and what floats their boat. Trust us; the effort will pay off big time!

Visual Focal Points 

Have you ever walked or scrolled past a product and had to do a double-take? That’s the power of visual focal points! It’s what catches the eye and fuels your curiosity – like clickbait that actually pays off! You need an eye-catching focal point, whether digital or in-person. For example, if you’re selling pet products, you’ll want an adorably fuzzy, fluffy pet making irresistible puppy-dog eyes at potential consumers. What catchy, hook, line, and sinker tagline do you want for your brand? 

These devilish details captivate the attention of those who will choose your product over splurging on other things! 

Be Flexible

It’s your brand’s packaging design – so own it! It’s an extension of yourself, and you should be as proud of it as sending your kid off to college – maybe even more so since it will MAKE you money instead of spending it! At the same time – remain open and flexible to making pivots based on emerging trends, consumer response, feedback from analytic metrics, and other geeky statistics that you let the millennial interns handle. Before long, you’ll notice what works and what doesn’t – so make bold choices that align with your mission and values and rock on!

Stand Out with Pioneer’s Custom Designed Product Packaging

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Our state-of-the-art technology and partnership approach means we’ll work with you to design the perfect packaging in any shape, size, or material. So, if you’ve got packaging questions, we’ve got answers – reach out to Pioneer Packaging today!

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