Compostable Microwaveable Ready Meal Container

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Single-use, ready meals are becoming increasingly popular in today’s day in age. This is because people are busier than ever working, parenting, and dealing with life; home cooked meals have taken a back seat in some households. Companies have been adjusting to people’s lifestyle by having more ready to eat meals available that sustain the quality of a freshly cooked dish. Packaging has become one of the most important factors when making these single-use meals to keep food fresh and easy to make. Businesses have been looking for an alternative to plastic containers to be more sustainable.

A company by the name of Waitrose created the first 100% compostable single-used ready meal. The packaging is made with a fiber-based material, which can create a 50% saving in Co2 emissions.

Packaging for a single-use meal can be a challenge because it has be microwave and oven safe, while still being cool to touch after being heated. Traditionally, hard plastic containers were the only viable option, however, it was hard to recycle at the end of its use. The company said this innovative packaging solution of compostable containers is projected to save 158 tons of black plastic.

Pioneer Packaging wants to keep you up-to-date on the latest packaging industry news. We have custom food packaging and containers options to promote your brand in a creative way and together with our sustainable initiatives can help your business reduce waste and lower energy consumption. Contact us if you are interested in enhancing your food packaging to reduce your carbon footprint.

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