Common Challenges Food Manufacturers Are Facing Today

Screenshot of a packaging machine assembling product with the caption "Common Challenges food manufacturers are facing today"


There are a variety of challenges food manufacturing companies are confronted with today’s changing landscape. According to Packaging World, food manufacturing equipment in use today maintains an average of 56% of its original value and can often conflict with current manufacturing trends. Jim Prunesti, Vice President of Engineering at Conagra Brands, explains that in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, companies must invest in upgrading their aging assets in order to provide the products consumers desire.

A key factor in asset upgrades is to work closely with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). In order to anticipate any changes, it’s important to make sure the newly upgraded equipment can be flexible. Or look at the equipment that can be retrofitted with changeable parts or other features that can be added for future use. Another issue that manufacturers are facing is data collection and how collecting too much can become a problem.

There’s been a change in the marketplace where instead of collecting all the data, companies are doing more targeted work and looking towards more critical data to collect the right amount. Jim Prunesti clarifies, “It’s more about how to have it in a timely way to the operators so they can make on-time decisions that affect the current operations versus collecting data that measures how you did the last one or eight hours.”

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