Choosing The Right Protective Food Packaging Materials

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There are many types of protective food packaging available for businesses. Making sure you choose the right kind of packaging is especially important as this can be the difference between a customer picking up your product or choosing the competition’s. After all, your goal is to introduce your product to new customers and make a positive impression.

This is imperative when it comes to food packaging as these are products that people consume. Therefore, you want to choose packaging that not only highlights your product in an effective way but also protects it from chemicals or any wear and tear during transportation.

Protective Food Packaging

Packaging Film

Clear packaging films are usually used for two reasons – protection and attractiveness. Protective packaging with clear flexible film can protect food products, especially raw food products from contamination, discoloration, and oxidation. By protecting the food products from outside contamination, the products can preserve their freshness much longer and increase their shelf life. 

Additionally, clear film packaging is used to attract customers to your product. By showcasing what your product looks like to customers they’ll be more likely to purchase your product. Since a lot of food products are judged on their appearance, making your products visible will have a positive impact. 

Window Packaging

Window packaging in food also brings all the benefits that film packaging does with the addition that this can be done items such as chips, candy, yogurt, and other items that aren’t necessarily raw. Window packaging items can be placed in vacuum sealed containers that will also protect the processed food items and increase their shelf life. Window packaging gives the consumer a small glimpse of your product, which gives enough information for them to decide if they want to purchase your item or not.  

Think of the Whole Package

While choosing the right protective food packaging is essential in having a good first impression with your customers, that is just the start. You also want to think about the design of your packaging and make sure that also reflects your brand in the best possible way. Use a bold range of colors to attract attention to your product. Pair it up with an easily readable font that clearly highlights your ingredients instead of putting them in the fine print. People like transparency, especially when it comes to their food and minimalistic packaging is on trend.

Pioneer’s Packaging Solutions

With more customers caring about a positive unpacking experience, the way you present your food products is crucial in not only your product being chosen, but in customers returning to your brand. No matter your industry, Pioneer Packaging can provide you with effective, attractive packaging that will attract customers but also streamline your production process. Contact us today and learn more.

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