Bundling Packages

A stack of cardboard boxes with the caption "Bundling Packages"


E-commerce is taking over as the primary way consumers shop. People are shopping online and having products delivered to their door because it is convenient. However, with companies offering free shipping and sometimes free 2-day shipping, customers are buying various products on demand, which causes more packaging materials to be used. Businesses are asking customers to set up group purchases or weekly scheduled deliveries to consolidate packaging materials. This way, packages can be at full capacity and fewer materials need to be used.

Usually, boxes are made with 50% recycled content and paper has a recovery rate of about 68% which is a positive rate. However, if people bundle their orders more often, fewer boxes and packaging materials can be used and help the environment. Here at Pioneer, we are proud of our sustainability initiatives to reduce waste and lower energy consumption. Bundling orders deliveries is just one small thing you can do to make a big difference in our ecosystem.

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