Boxie LLC: A Packaging Revolution for Baked Delights

Listen up, folks, we’ve got a heartwarming tale to tell. It’s a story about a woman, a dream, and some seriously scrumptious breakfast bites. It’s the story of Angela Held, the brainchild behind Boxie LLC, and how we at Pioneer Packaging helped her turn a unique concept into a reality.

The Background

Angela, a SoCal native turned Arizona local, has always had an absolute love affair with baking. And we’re not talking just any baking – we’re talking about that magical kind that makes your taste buds straight-up boogie! She was practically raised on the art of impeccable batter consistency, thanks to her dad. Despite juggling three jobs, her dad would still find time to whip up his legendary pancakes or waffles. I mean, seriously, talk about a superhero!

This passion for quality food was fueled by her aunt and grandmother, who turned her into a recipe master! Over the years, they perfected a bunch of recipes together. Now, picture this: if you’ve ever had the pleasure of living next door to Angela during the holidays, brace yourself for a cookie, cake, and pie overload! I’m talking ears-deep in deliciousness, my friends. Trust me when I say there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

But Angela didn’t just want to share her yummy baked goods with friends, family, and neighbors. Oh no! She had a bigger, bolder dream – to bring seriously quality breakfast awesomeness to those dull office settings. You know, where the usual breakfast suspects are sad little doughnuts or basic bagels from the local corner store. But then, there was Boxie, a breakfast revolution sparked by Angela’s desire for more breakfast options and her fiery passion for baking up a storm. Office breakfasts will never be the same again!

The Mission

Inspired by those drool-worthy European specialty bakeries, Angela had this wild idea of creating some seriously unique packaging for her goods. Her design wasn’t just functional – it was stylish, baby! Picture this: triangle-tiered drawers showing off the most mouthwatering breakfast or dessert bites you’ve ever seen. But wait, there’s more! We’re talking about some seriously delicious dips that just happen to be the perfect partners for these bite-sized delights. Now, imagine all the indulgence combos you can create, served up in a fun and totally interactive way. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the one and only Boxie LLC!

Mission Prep

But here’s the deal – Angela had this genius idea for a box inspired by a design she discovered online, but guess what? It didn’t even exist in the US marketplace; no one had seen anything like it. So, in October 2022, Angela eagerly reached out to Pioneer like a true champion, and boy, did she find the right people. Our rockstar Packaging Advocate, Kellie, took the lead and immediately gathered Pioneer’s team of super-talented folks for this one-of-a-kind project. Now, picture this: at that time, all we had was a single picture of the box, but boy oh boy, did the team over in New Mexico get fired up. They were practically doing cartwheels because this packaging project was like nothing they’d ever seen!

Fast forward a few months of intense collaboration, late-night brainstorming sessions, and enough questions to make your head spin and bam! In January 2023, we were ready to get the ball rolling on Angela’s project; we couldn’t contain our excitement. This was not only our first project with her that would be the focus of her new business, but it was seriously unique, like a unicorn in the packaging world!

Go for Launch

We took Angela’s project and ran straight to a talented team of engineers. Armed with some pictures and a mission, the engineers dove headfirst into the depths of the internet. And guess what? They found an actual video of the exact package Angela was looking for! Talk about a Eureka moment!

And just like that, the prototype was brought to life. We couldn’t wait to see Angela’s reaction and called her in for a grand unveiling. And boy, oh boy, her excitement was off the charts! There were even tears of joy in her eyes as we sat at the table, chatting about her expectations and how stunning the prototype looked. Of course, we tweaked a few things because perfection is Angela’s middle name, and a month later, we strutted back in with version 2 of the Boxie package.

On the day Angela came to see the second prototype, the talented team of engineers who created the package decided to grace us with their presence. She was beyond emotional and over-the-moon ecstatic. She wasted no time snapping pictures of Kellie and the engineers holding her brand-new box. Talk about a moment to remember!

Mission Accomplished

Fast forward to May 15th, the moment of truth when Angela waltzed into Pioneer to pick up her shining packaging. And, according to her – we totally nailed it, capturing her epic vision and giving life to her next-level concept! You know what else? The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because Barbie fever was sweeping the nation, and Angela’s box? Well, let’s just say it has some serious Barbie vibes – even her logo was inspired by the iconic Barbie logo.

The Details

Crafted with #200 Grade E-Flute, the Boxie box can withstand an impressive force of 200 pounds per square inch (psi) without breaking open. Don’t be fooled by its thin profile – the e-flute boasts a remarkable 90 flutes per foot, resulting in exceptional strength and crush resistance. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to fold. Not only does E flute provide the perfect surface for printing, but it also offers unbeatable usability. With these impressive stats, the 200 E-Flute provided the perfect blend of strength, style, and functionality, making the Boxie box what it is.

Kemi Boards’ unmatched quality made it the ultimate white-top board choice for the Boxie packaging. With its clay-coated, glossy surface, this board delivered top-notch printing results. Perfect for Boxie’s high-usage applications, Kemi Board stands out as the only corrugated board that combines clay coating with a unique advantage in digital printing. No dull colors here! Thanks to its innovative surface, Boxie’s printing came to life with beautiful, contrasted, eye-catching tones. And the best part? Kemi Board’s pre-applied semi-gloss coating eliminated the need for additional layers to achieve Boxie’s stunning semi-gloss finish.

Boxie, LLC

Angela launches her business in September, and we see nothing but pure greatness in her future! Big things are coming; mark our words. So, buckle up, stay tuned, and get ready to witness the rise of Angela, Boxie, and her incredible creation!

Every Boxie order will come with entirely free local delivery or pickup! That makes it easy to add a touch of perfection to any gathering: think brunches, birthdays, conferences, picnics, you name it! And let us tell you; it’s not just about the mouthwatering treats; this stylish display piece will catch your eye and satisfy your cravings in the most delightful way possible. Hurry up and get your hands on this feast for the senses!

Answer the Call

So, here’s our call to action for all you brand owners out there. If you’re looking for packaging solutions that stand out from the crowd and improve efficiency, look no further than Pioneer Packaging. Just like we did for Angela and Boxie LLC, we’re ready to help you bring your unique concepts to life. Let’s make packaging magic together!

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