Beauty Product Packaging that Turns Heads

beauty product packaging

There are millions of brands to choose from when it comes to beauty products like skincare, perfume, or shampoo. However,  to make your product stand out in a market flooded with competitors, you need custom packaging that shows off your brand’s unique features.

Pioneer Packaging is the go-to source for quality, cost-effective solutions that accurately represent your brand and attract your target consumer. Whether you’re just starting a product line or updating your current one, our team is capable of handling any size project you need. Read our blog post below to learn more about beauty product packaging trends that add value to your products. 

Beauty Product Trends

While every form of beauty product packaging has its features, trends, and needs, several trends span a variety of distinctive beauty industries. These trends, when implemented into packaging design, can lead to success in grabbing a customer’s attention: 

  • Sustainability: Cosmetic companies are making slow progress in reducing their packaging footprints. One key component of this is a more profound focus on the environmental impact of packaging and an emphasis on sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Convenience: Making your product convenient can go a long way in helping you better serve your customers. Using packaging to make product information easily accessible can help to increase sales.
  • Male Grooming: With men taking grooming and skincare more seriously than ever, many are expanding and focusing on packaging for their men’s product lines.
  • Value Added Products: Products with an added value, such as all-natural products or products with additional health benefits, use packaging to boast their unique attributes.

Hair Care Packaging

Haircare brands in the retail space often rely on packaging differentiation to help them stand out amongst their competitors. Several trends are dominating the hair care market by popular brands to create a connection with consumers:

  • Less is More:  Simple and clean designs allow customers to find what they want without being overwhelmed by packaging and messaging. Simplicity conveys a top-of-the-line product.
  • Matte + Gloss: Sensory elements such as varying matte and gloss packaging can add interest to packaging without overwhelming the consumer with detailed colors and designs.
  • Size Options: Packaging size matters for both practical and on-the-go consumers. It helps to have a variety of size options for your product to appease traveling users as well as the typical at-home consumer.

Skin Care Packaging

Skincare is quickly gaining traction in the personal care industry as more and more people develop nightly skincare routines and loyalty to their favorite skincare products. These skincare packaging trends help to get a product noticed, so the success of the product itself can demand customer loyalty:

  • Custom labels: Every person’s skin is unique, and their skincare needs are too. That is why many customers enjoy the opportunity to customize their cosmetic treatments. Personalization of packaging helps customers feel like the product is specifically suited to them.
  • Skincare for men: Men prefer informative and straightforward labels over packaging with a sterile medical feel. Having information about the product on the label helps them make an informed decision when purchasing.
  • Keep it simple: Like hair care brands, skincare products with simple designs allow customers not to feel overwhelmed and make intuitive purchasing decisions. 

Pioneer Packaging is Your Go-to for Brand Packaging

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been the go-to source for quality packaging solutions. Our creative designers work closely with you to ensure your brand is represented through efficient packaging. So whether you’re looking to highlight your sustainability or attract new consumers, we can create a design fit for you. Contact Pioneer Packaging today and learn why we’re a packaging industry leader.

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