Amazon’s Breakthrough in Leak-Free Packaging

Packaging liquids can be a challenge. Wanting to be environmentally friendly by using less materials, yet preventing leaks and spillage is a difficult dilemma. Amazon, in partner with Rieke, has created an innovative packaging solution: a leak-free bottle for a better consumer experience, as well as saving money in damages. This new bottle comes in two different versions, one for industrial products, and one for health, beauty, and home care products. It is an easy solution for businesses looking for a simple way to ship and package liquids.

Previously, the excessive use of packaging materials such as bubble wrap, plastic bags, and custom made trays were used to only contain leaks. This traditional way of packaging is very wasteful and not sustainable; this method would help minimize the amount of spreading liquid, however it was not ideal.

Not only will Amazon save money by eliminating needless materials, they will save millions in damages. There have been many returns and exchanges due to liquids leaking on products such as expensive clothes, electronics, and more while in transit. Now that the company will not have a leakage problem, there will be less damages to other products while being shipped.

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