Amazon Delivers on Carbon Neutral Promise

One of the world’s largest retailers is committing to dramatically decreasing its carbon footprint by making half of its shipments carbon-neutral by 2030. Amazon currently ships an average of 608 million packages annually, which works out to an estimated 1.6 million packages each day.  The company, which has spent the last couple of years analyzing its carbon footprint and ways to reduce carbon use across the country, recently announced its new program, called Shipment Zero. This new initiative will do several things to help reach that ambitious goal. Amazon has pledged to use more renewable energy sources like solar power, to deliver more packages in electric vans and prod suppliers to make their packaging greener. Later this year, the company will also disclose its carbon footprint for the first time.  Amazon admits it won’t be easy to achieve the goal of reducing its carbon footprint by such a large amount but says the effort is worth it and that it is “committed to seeing it through.” Other large companies that generate a lot of waste, such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, have announced similar initiatives.

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