Innovative Alternatives to Packaging Solutions

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This holiday season, packaging is everywhere.

Unfortunately, most of it is comprised of excessive materials that can clog landfills and end up in places it shouldn’t. 

While 2019 may be coming to an end, we’re glad to see that sustainable packaging is ramping up.

Take a look back at some of the coolest, most sustainable packaging solutions, ideas, and tips that were introduced over the past 12 months.

Plastic Alternatives

Paperboard packaging is biodegradable, can be ethically sourced, and can also be used in varying designs and thicknesses depending on what your business needs it for. 

Bio-materials like cornstarch, tapioca, mushrooms, seaweed, or polylactic acid (made from sugarcane) are also viable options when it comes to packaging. 

Recyclable Options

Recyclable options coming available can make all the difference in combating plastic pollution. We’ve seen a large increase in recyclable options cropping up in even the largest companies and people are beginning to take notice.

Beverage Conglomerates Collaborate

This year, Nestlé and Starbucks have joined forces to create a 100% recyclable Starbucks Creamer PET Bottle and shrink-sleeve label.

Consumers will be able to recycle the bottle with the shrink sleeve still attached, which will be captured and recycled within the mechanical recycling process. 

Coca-Cola’s Contribution to Packaging

In 2019, Coca-Cola invented the world’s first bottle made from recycled ocean plastic waste! 

By 2030, they aim to have all of their plastic bottles be made from 50% recycled plastics!

At Pioneer Packaging, we believe implementing sustainability initiatives is just good business, inside and out. With hundreds of sustainable packaging products available, we enable you to make better choices for your packaging needs. 

Need help getting started with sustainability in your business? Contact Pioneer Packaging today. 

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