4 Organic Food Packaging Ideas

A row of colorful Just Water organic food packaging bottles sit on a table

The demand for more sustainable solutions continues to rise and customers are interested in organic food packaging. Customers are caring more about eating healthier, the way their products are made, and how they affect the environment. But, consumers are not just concerned about the final product, they’re also starting to look at the product as a whole, and this involves the packaging.

People looking for organic food products will also be looking for organic packaging that accompanies it. By choosing organic packaging,you will differentiate yourself from the rest and stand out to the growing consumer base that demands sustainable products.

What is Organic Food Packaging?

Organic packaging simply means packaging that is made out of sustainable or recycled materials. This packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly, replacing the need for harmful components such as plastic or chemical toxins. Although some organic food packaging does include plastic, this is plastic that has been recycled, therefore being more eco-friendly.

A few organic packaging options to choose from include:

Recycled Cardboard and Paper

While most places already use cardboard and paper materials when packaging their products, using post-consumer materials will ensure you are using an even more eco-friendly alternative for your products.

Brands such as Seed Phytonutrients are using paper bottles for some of their organic products, while recycled cardboard can be found in plenty of products including organic egg cartons.

Reusable bags

Ditching plastic bags for reusable bags is a great way to reduce unnecessary plastic waste, these bags can be made for organic fabrics such as hemp, organic or recycled cotton, and others.

Sustainable Filler Materials

With online shopping becoming a significant place for purchases, more people are getting their food products delivered to their homes. But online shopping can lead to increased packaging in order to ensure the products arrive fresh and in good condition. Some organic alternatives to normal plastic filler products include biodegradable packing peanuts, corrugated bubble wrap, air pillows, and even stone paper.

Vegetable and Leaf Packaging

According to the Green Business Bureau, mushrooms and seaweed can be used for packaging. Mushroom waste can be molded into whatever packaging shape proving a great alternative as it also degrades at a rapid pace. While seaweed solutions are primarily in development, it could be a great organic alternative in the future. Leaf republic uses recycled plastic, paper, and leaves for their biodegradable plates, bowls, and trays. 

Switch to Organic With Pioneer Packaging Solutions

With customers holding companies accountable for their sustainability, many businesses are making the switch to organic food packaging. With customers willing to pay more for organic products, it’s become the right time for businesses to make the switch. Making the move will bring additional benefits to your company internally and externally. Therefore, no matter your industry, Pioneer Packaging can help you transition over to organic food packaging, contact us today to get started.

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