What’s Inside the H-Loc Trapped Blister?

Blister packaging with pink pills inside each plastic shell

RPET-blisterMany people don’t often think about the creativity and innovation that goes into today’s effective packaging solutions. Yet with the increasing awareness of our impact on the environment and the future, particularly the effects of product packaging, many retailers and manufacturers are looking for ways to package products that go above and beyond the simple square, plastic box. The H-Loc Trapped Blister is a sustainable packaging solution that is not only versatile, but also boasts many packaging benefits that make it a smart choice for any product. Below, find out what kinds of products are inside the trapped blister pack, as well as the benefits of the H-Loc Trapped Blister.

H-Loc Trapped Blister Applications

One of the main benefits of the H-Loc Trapped Blister is the package’s versatility. The trapped blister’s simple yet effective design involves a minimal amount of recycled PET, or RPET, surrounded and trapped by two pieces of recycled corrugated cardboard. The product is contained within the RPET, allowing for a clear view of the product, while the use of corrugated paperboard increases graphic space for product descriptions, logos and other eye-catching designs. What is inside the trapped blister can vary widely, as the trapped blister’s design works for a variety of products, both large and small. The H-Loc Trapped Blister can be used to package:

  • Cosmetics, including lotions, creams and makeup
  • Electronics and gadgets, such as remote controls and USB drives
  • Children’s toys
  • Cords and chargers
  • Eyewear, such as sunglasses and goggles
  • Battery packs

Beyond Versatility

The H-Loc Trapped Blister’s benefits go beyond versatility. Because it is made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, including soy- and water-based inks and adhesives, the trapped blister is a sustainable packaging solution that contributes to a safer, greener future. The use of mainly paperboard rather than all plastic, in contrast to traditional clamshell packaging, reduces wrap rage by making the package easy to open. These benefits can be enjoyed no matter what the product or channel, making it a smart packaging choice for any retailer or manufacturer.

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