What is Flexographic Printing and Why is it so Popular?

flexographic printing

Every decision you make in product packaging and design is meant to support brand awareness and instill customer loyalty. Quality packaging not only benefits the safety and protection of your product but also communicates high-value to your customers. Investing time and resources into the details of your product packaging helps significantly increase its sales potential.

Flexographic printing is one of the tools businesses use to enhance their product’s image by adding graphics and copy to product packaging. Cost-effectiveness makes this a popular choice when deciding what materials to use and how to design more effective product packaging. 

What is Flexographic Printing?

Flexographic printing is commonly referred to as “flexo” and is a form of relief printing where ink is applied to a raised surface on a flexible plate. Afterward, the image is compressed onto an underlying layer of material. It can be compared to a letterpress style of digital printing, only modernized using high-tech machinery in the process. 

Flexographic Printing Function and Versatility

This type of digital printing is popular for its ability to provide optimal efficiency, flexibility, and overall brand recognition through consistent and reliable printing results. There are many functions flexo printing offers that make it a popular option among other printing alternatives. 

Here are some of the main advantages:


The high-speed functionality allows printing on almost any kind of substrate. Flexographic printing can be used easily on plastics, metallic films, cellophane, paper, and much more. 

Environmentally friendly

Flexography is becoming increasingly popular due to its sustainability. Inks used in this type of printing involve water-based inks that are better for the environment.

High Quality 

A polished and professional appearance often results from using digital flexoprinting, making your product packaging stand out. The printing helps communicate the high brand standards you convey through packaging design.


Printing hundreds of items using flexographic technology within a short amount of time is possible. The entire process of printing, in-line cutting, and folding is fast and effective. 

Durable and Reliable 

Machinery is inexpensive to manufacture and easy to operate, requiring less maintenance time. After the plates are created, they are durable enough to be used with over a million impressions before replacement is needed. Large amounts of printing can be completed at once with few to any issues. 

Saves Money

Flexographic printing saves you money through the aforementioned features. Its speed, durability, consistent, and efficient design all help save bundles of costs associated with printing product packaging designs.

Boost Product Awareness and Desirability

Digital printing offers solutions that enhance the image of your product and helps overall sales potential. Working with a professional printing company with the ability to custom design product packaging offers you a great advantage with the final product outcome. Whether your products are retail, medical, automotive, cosmetic, or anything else, flexographic printing can enhance its image and marketability. It’s a simple solution for anyone looking to enhance brand awareness and convey your values in sustainability and quality.

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