Why You Should Update to a Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper

A large machine that shrink wraps plastic around boxes on a pallet

Is your company still shrink wrapping your pallets by hand? If so, you should start thinking about switching to a semi-automatic pallet wrapper. If you have a high volume of shipped goods, your company could be saving thousands of dollars by implementing this machine. Being dependent on manual labor to protect products while in transit is potentially dangerous because of human-error. Here are some benefits of upgrading to a semi-automatic pallet wrapper:

Saving on Materials:
When wrapping shrink wrap around a pallet by hand, the film has a 25%-40% stretch rate. This number can fluctuate, but mainly stretching decreases due to fatigue of the workers. This number is also dependent on the strength of the person wrapping the pallet. The semi-automatic pallet wrapper can stretch up to 250% more than a person could, which would save you 66% on film expenses. Using less film is beneficial to your company’s budget, as well as the environment.

More Protection for Products and Your Wallets:
Pallets that are bound more loosely leaves space between products, which leads to shifting during transit. This shifting causes damages and breakage while shipping the products. In addition to product damage, the manual labor of shrink wrapping pallets can hurt a worker, leading them to receive workers compensation. Factoring in the cost of damaged goods and workers compensation, investing in a semi-automatic pallet wrapper would pay off in the long run and is safer for products and employees.

Saving Time:
Depending on the size of your pallet, wrapping each one by hand could take an unreasonable amount of time. The semi-automatic pallet wrapper can wrap a pallet twice as fast as a person could. Especially in high volume packaging and shipping, saving time leaves more room to get shipments out earlier, therefore preventing late deliveries.

Here at Pioneer Packaging we want you and your company to be as efficient as possible by saving time and money. Investing in a semi-automatic pallet wrapper is the wave of the future and will make your company more profitable.

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