Turning Plastics into Fuel

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Here at Pioneer Packaging, we want to inform you with the latest and greatest trends of reducing waste for the environment. We have cut down our use of plastic and have utilized more sustainable methods and materials. However, people are still dependent on the use of plastic materials because it is a convenient way to package products.

Researchers at the University of California Irvine and Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry wanted to find a way to solve 2 major problems in our world; plastic waste and the dependence on fuel. They found a way to combine the 2 problems into a solution by turning plastic waste into liquid fuel.

This technique they invented uses alkanes, certain types of hydrocarbon molecules, to separate polymer molecules into compounds that are useful. With this unique technique, it breaks plastics down into a more efficient manner, than previously done, through a process called cross-alkane metathesis. The equipment needed for this process is similar to oil refinement, therefore the resources are already manufactured and are easily accessible.

There are still a few issues being worked out for this process to make it more efficient and less costly. The catalyst activity still needs some improving as well as developing the catalytic processes to turn different types plastic trash into fuel.

At Pioneer Packaging, we want your packaging company to be aware of all newest sustainable trends in the industry. We want to see a better tomorrow for our environment and reduce the amount of waste being left behind. If your packaging company has any questions or concerns on how to achieve more sustainable packaging solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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