Trends That Drive Packaging Decisions

Rows of green bottles with a caption that reads "trends that drive packaging decisions"

Now that consumers have an abundance of choices shopping online and are concerned with sustainability, it is important to have high-quality, unique packaging now more than ever. Trends that have been driving packaging decisions:

Hygienic Packaging

So how do companies practice hygienic packaging while still maintaining some level of sustainability?  Instead of using petroleum-based products, companies can use bio-based plastics to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. With greener packaging becoming more of a concern amongst the younger generations, there are efforts in place to make medical packaging more sustainable.

Minimal Packaging

Customers are now purchasing more attractive packaging that shows the product off than those using flashy colors and busy designs. Minimalist packaging also floats well with sustainability because less packaging can mean more environmentally friendly.

Smart Packaging

Smart packaging is a highly technical solution for specific uses. One popular and easy way to use smart packaging on your product is by adding a QR code to the product.For example, Malibu rum drinks allowed users to scan a QR code where customers could enter a sweepstakes to win prizes.


Eco-friendly products and packaging are a main driver of purchasing decisions. 68% of buyers consider the sustainability of a product (that includes packaging) before making their final purchase. Products now need to have a cohesive, well-rounded story that uses eco-friendly concepts. This includes minimal packaging, biodegradable materials, post-consumer waste paper, and more.

At Pioneer Packaging, we know the difficulty of competition amongst products in this ever-changing market. 

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