New Trends That Are Positively Impacting Pet Packaging

A dog is eating out of his food dish pet packaging

As we’ve seen over the years, packaging plays a large role in getting people to pick a product off a shelf. This idea certainly holds true when it comes to pet food packaging.

Much like human food, pet owners have become more conscious of their pet’s health and they will be loyal to a brand that works for them.

Therefore, it all starts with effective pet food packaging.

Pet Packaging That Highlights Fresh Ingredients

As owners become more informed on pet nutrition, brands are using packaging to showcase the health benefits and higher quality ingredients that go into their food. 

According to a survey by Luminer Converting Group, nutritional information on pet food labels strongly impacts consumer’s buying decisions.

Sustainable Pet Packaging

Like other industries, eco-friendly packaging is a big trend in pet food packaging. With pet owners more discernible of natural ingredients and where their food is coming from, companies are becoming more sustainably responsible.

Pet food companies like Wet Noses, are using environmentally sound packaging like reusable jars to contain their all-natural products.

Creating Relatability Through Pet Packaging

Gone are the days of cute animals being used to sell pet food. Brands are now personalizing their product through storytelling and tapping into words people are accustomed to with their own food.

Merrick is an artisanal brand that highlights its use of quality ingredients like “Real Texas Beef” and uses human-centric language like “Chicken Dinner Recipe” and “Country Beef Grill” to make pet food relatable to the owner. 

Pioneer Packaging is Something to Wag Your Tail About

The pet food industry is a highly competitive, unique sector of food production that many people may not realize benefit greatly from effective packaging.
For more than 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been a leader in supplying several industries with packaging solutions to meet their needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand stand out!

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