Think Outside the Box

An orange box filled with paper filling with the caption "Think outside the box"


With e-commerce on the rise, the experience people have unboxing their new package is crucial to stand out amongst competitors. Millennials are known to post photos and videos of packaging and their unboxing experience to social media, connecting brands to their consumers on a deeper level. Pioneer can help enhance your unboxing experience. Here are some tactics we can incorporate to make product packaging noteworthy.

Personalized Packaging Inserts

Consumers like to feel special and appreciated when they buy a product from a specific business. Intelligent software has made it possible to create customized notes to personalize each user’s experience.

Digitally Printed Boxes

With our digital capabilities, we can enhance any brand by printing high-quality images on packaging. This will give more exposure to a brand and make them stand out amongst the crowd.

Include Branded Packaging Materials

Whether it’s customized tape or tissue paper with a logo, it’s important to have fun packaging inside the box for a memorable experience. This way, products look more desirable coming out of a pretty box.

Pioneer is here to help with all of your packaging needs to keep up with the trends in today’s digital age. Contact us if your products’ unboxing experience could use a make-over!

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