The NEW Styrofoam Alternative: Our Sustainable Thermal Cooler

Thermo Fisher sustainable cooler packaging Styrofoam Alternative

It’s well known that styrofoam is a major nuisance to our environment. It’s not biodegradable and fills up 30% of our landfills around the world. Approximately 1,369 tons of styrofoam are buried in U.S. landfills daily. For years companies have used styrofoam to transport temperature-sensitive items across great distances, further adding to the landfill. Not anymore. Pioneer Packaging and Thermo Fisher have constructed a styrofoam alternative that can house your product and keep it cool throughout its shipment.

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been the industry leader in innovative packaging solutions. We’re proud of our work towards a more sustainable future and are always looking to enhance our eco-friendly packaging capabilities. Read our article below to learn more about our incredible sustainable thermal cooler.

What is the Thermal Cooler Packaging Made Of?

This environmentally friendly packaging consists of an outer corrugated box with a cardboard framework lined with perforated layers of paper insulation. Each box contains pockets of air that are trapped within the paper layers to insulate the inside of the box – keeping its cool temperature throughout the shipping process. 

Due to it being composed entirely of paper and corrugated cardboard materials, the thermal cooler is 100% recyclable. Making it an incredible styrofoam alternative that efficiently meets your shipping needs.

A Styrofoam Alternative That Protects Product Integrity

We’ve tested our thermal cooler against strict industry shipping standards and found that the cooler maintains the desired interior temperature throughout the shipment of the product. This is extremely critical for items that must stay cool in transit, like produce, meat, seafood, medication, specialty beverages, and more. As a result, the integrity of your product is protected and safe for consumption.

How Much Does this Styrofoam Alternative Cost?

Many people think adopting sustainable alternatives into their packaging will cost them an arm and a leg. Not our thermal cooler. We have it priced under $4 per box with the price only getting cheaper the more you buy. If you’re looking for a cost-effective styrofoam-free alternative for shipping products, this is for you.

Pioneer Packaging Is the Source for Innovative Packaging Solutions

If you are looking to transition to more sustainable packaging, look no further. At Pioneer Packaging, we specialize in providing high-quality packaging that promotes sustainability and well-crafted design. We will work with you to ensure your products meet your business needs. Contact us today to get started.

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