The Evolution of the Next Big Packaging Trend: Inverted Pouches

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Stand-up (inverted) pouches are have been around for a few years. In 2002, Heinz upended the packaging industry when it introduced the upside-down squeezable ketchup bottle, about 20 years after replacing glass and rigid plastic jars and bottles with plastic for condiment packaging. Now with more and more consumer products being sold in stand-up pouches, the next step in their evolution is here. The Sempack® is an inverted, conical pouch made with 100%-recycled materials that can be used for food and nonfood products.

Semco, a Monaco-based company, began developing Sempack® in 2012. It was patented in France two years later and in 2015, patents were registered in 46 other countries in Europe. Semco wanted to create a 100% eco-responsible alternative to existing packaging, using easily-foldable and flexible films to cut down on waste and offer an easily-disposable alternative to other forms of packaging.

Here are some unique advantages Sempack® offers consumers:

  • It combines the benefits of a tube, a pouch, and a bottle
  • It is made from 100%-recyclable, multilayer film
  • Its flexible, conical pouch is able to stand up or down
  • It can be used for food and nonfood applications
  • Functionally, it operates like other squeezable pouches, but offers more variety in accessory options and the ways in which it can be filled and sealed
  • It’s based on the pastry bag concept and can hold numerous types of products, from liquid creams to pasty or semi-pasty substances to powders
  • It’s suited for use across numerous industries, including food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial
  • It can be filled using conventional filling and lidding equipment; Semco is currently developing the second generation of the Sempack® manufacturing process, using a form-fill-seal line

Sempack® is available in several sizes, including 200ml, 300ml, and 600mL, and numerous accessory choices are available, including standard caps, flip-top caps, disc tops, and caps with valves. They can be decorated by conventional direct printing methods, such as flexographic or digital, and can be surface- or reverse-printed.

To learn more about Sempack® and other innovative packaging solutions for your company, contact Pioneer Packaging today!

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