The Enviroshell Trapped Blister

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Sustainable packaging solutions are in high demand as we become more aware of the effects and impact that consumerism has on the future of the environment. In regard to a greener lifestyle, packaging has become a necessary evil. Yet with innovative thinking and a commitment to finding eco-friendly solutions that increase performance, cut costs and reduce waste, sustainable packaging can and does exist. The H-Loc Enviroshell Trapped Blister protects the environment by using recyclable components that help reduce waste and move toward a greener future.

Below, we examine the benefits of the H-Loc Enviroshell, from its sustainable attributes to its marketing and security advantages. See how the Enviroshell covers all the bases, including marketing strategies, consumers’ concerns and Mother Nature herself.

The Enviroshell and Sustainability

While most packaging applications consist of traditional clamshell and other all-plastic designs that utilize a large amount of fossil fuel based PVC, the Enviroshell replaces the unfriendly materials with 100% recycled materials. The Enviroshell’s is designed to trap minimal plastic between corrugated cardboard. The plastic is recycled PET, a material made of recycled water bottles, while the corrugated cardboard is one of the most recycled materials on the planet.

The Enviroshell and Marketing

First impressions are often made from a product’s packaging, and an innovative package that sends out a positive message can be the single reason a consumer picks up a product and decides to make the purchase. The Enviroshell’s corrugated paperboard and minimal use of plastic allow for a great amount of graphic space, in contrast with traditional clamshell packaging that often loses graphic appeal due to excessive plastic and glare.

The Enviroshell and the Consumer

Not only does the Enviroshell protect the environment and the product, the packaging also protects the customer. Too many consumers have been injured trying to open clamshell packages, having to use knives and scissors to get through the plastic and, once opened, being exposed to sharp plastic edges. The Enviroshell retains tamper-evidence features, reducing the risk of products being opened and damaged before purchase, while allowing customers to open the product safely and easily at home.

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