The Benefits of Aerospace Packaging Solutions


Due to its unpredictability, aerospace companies are constantly challenged with optimizing their supply chain. When transporting sensitive aerospace equipment, custom packaging is necessary to safely transport their goods and gear to their next destination.

Why is Aerospace Packaging Important

Custom made packaging in the aerospace industry is needed to transport equipment to long distances in a safe, efficient manner. It’s costly to transport these commonly bulky, fragile items, so it is vital the packaging is constructed in a way to fit its needs.

Wood Crates

These crates are tailored to fit the equipment’s protection needed. You can be rest assured knowing your items are safe during transport in these wooden vessels. There are now collapsible varieties that have the same level of dependability, with the ability to reuse it in the future. Because they are collapsible these crates take up less room, meaning more optimized space in your inventory.

Hybrid Boxes

This packaging will sufficiently provide protection to equipment thanks to the natural wood resistance. However, unlike wood crates this packaging is much lighter due to the corrugated cardboard that will act as the item’s shell.

Wood Pallets

A simple, easy solution for companies with many boxes or one large item to be shipped. Wood pallets are easy to transport and are a great way to keep your goods together. There are many solutions the aerospace industry can employ in their supply chain. That is why Pioneer Packaging is a proud collaborator in the aerospace industry, providing tailored solutions to fit all transportation needs.

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