TerraSkin, Turning Stone into Paper

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Burt’s Bees is well-known for its natural beauty products, including lip balms, moisturizer and soaps. The company took its commitment to sustainability one step further by packaging its soap bars in TerraSkin wrappers. TerraSkin is a tree-free, mineral-based alternative to paper materials. The innovative wrapper not only helps Burt’s Bees improve its package’s barrier properties and product quality, but the packaging solution also helps reduce waste and deforestation.

The Materials

TerraSkin is made with more than 75 percent mineral powder and less than 25 percent of non-toxic resin. The material is strong, durable and water-resistant, with a unique texture and feel. Eighty percent of its calcium carbonate base is made from post-industrial building material waste, such as limestone scraps. The paper can be left out in nature after use and will degrade back into mineral powder after about three to nine months of exposure to direct sunlight and moisture.

The Benefits

Because TerraSkin is tree-free, the material helps decrease the deforestation of trees required for traditional paper materials. The production process utilizes less energy than traditional paper, eliminating the need for water and bleach. By saving the trees and going safely back into the environment after disposal, TerraSkin helps to protect the earth’s forests and biodiversity while reducing waste and contributing to a greener future.

In addition to the package’s sustainable benefits, TerraSkin is strong and durable. The fiberless material uses 20 to 30 percent less ink than traditional paper, with cleaner, crisper graphics and images.

The Future

Besides Burt’s Bees soap wrappers, TerraSkin is also used for MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) retail gift packaging. As more products go tree-free by utilizing the strong TerraSkin material for its sustainable packaging efforts, a huge amount of trees can be saved from deforestation every year.

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For more information on TerraSkin, visit www.TerraSkin.com and read the case study.

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