Sustainable Paper Packaging

A roll of white packing paper

Disposable plastic packaging materials continue to pile up in landfills across the globe, paper packaging  becomes an effective alternative that contributes to more sustainable living. Paper materials are durable and versatile, with the ability to store, ship and display virtually any item safely and efficiently. Below, learn more about recycled, compostable and reusable paper materials.

Recycled Paper Materials: Packages that are 100% recyclable and made completely from recycled fibers help decrease the planet’s buildup of plastic waste. These containers can be made from old newspapers and phonebooks, and molded into a variety of shapes and sizes for nearly any product, including food, wine bottles, toys and personal care items. The company Cascades Forma Pak developed a mushroom container made entirely out of recycled fibers, helping to divert 1.5 tons of recycled paper from being landfilled per day.
Compostable Paper Materials: Using renewable resources, such as palm fiber, for paper packaging allows for responsible disposal of the materials after use. Renewable resources can be thrown in compost piles, bringing back to the earth rather than throwing them out to decompose slowly, if at all, in landfills. The EarthCycleTM tray uses palm fiber to safely and efficiently package organic kiwis.
Reusable Paper Materials: Corrugated cardboard materials that are recycled and reused for more cardboard containers contribute a great deal to sustainable packaging initiatives. Corrugated cartons for beer bottles, like the ones used for Molson Canadian, can be returned to breweries to be recycled back into linerboard. Not only does this help reduce landfill waste, but it also helps the brewery save on material costs.
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