Sustainable Packaging for Personal Care Items

A collection of different colored cosmetic products sprawled on a table

Cosmetics and personal care items require effective packaging to keep products safe. Today’s innovative packaging solutions are using creative designs, new materials, basic applications, less material and automated systems to improve sustainable efforts, while still keeping packages appealing and efficient. Below, find five sustainable packaging ideas for cosmetics and personal care items.

Innovative Design: Creative designs not only have the ability to stand out among the rest, but by significantly reducing packaging materials and increasing shipping efficiency, innovative design can also provide sustainable solutions. The new bottle for Scope mouthwash, for example, reduces PET packaging by 20 percent and improves shipping.
Paper Alternatives: Eco-friendly, mineral-based materials provide an effective alternative to paper, reducing the need for deforestation and excessive paper waste. Burt’s Bees wraps soap bars with TerraSkin, a tree-free paper alternative. The material degrades easily after disposal and still allows for superior graphics and protection.
Simplified Applications: Many cosmetic products use excessive packaging, such as interior plastic wrappers that serve no purpose or design features that take up space. Simple packaging solutions that use a single container and material can increase sustainability. Packaging creams, balms and oil-based cosmetic products directly in single paperboard containers eliminates the need for additional interior plastic.
Reduced Plastic: Certain types of plastic are well known for their harmful effects on the environment. Reducing plastic use with innovative designs or replacing with eco-friendly materials can contribute highly to a healthier future. The Dial Eco-Smart Liquid Soap Pouch, for example, uses less material and less energy during the production and shipping process, while improving customer satisfaction with easy-to-use designs.
Automated Packaging: The production process must also be taken into account in the effort to improve sustainability. Procter & Gamble redesigned the packaging machinery for its Always feminine products to a continuous flow wrapping technology that reduced pack material space, energy and transportation.
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