Sustainable Packaging Analysis

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Here at Pioneer Packaging we are always on the lookout for companies who are doing their part to increase sustainable packaging practices. Today we wanted to discuss Lush Cosmetics. It  is a United Kingdom based beauty company that has become popular in  recent years.

One of their other core values is promoting sustainability efforts in their packaging, which all of us here at Pioneer can get behind. Here are a few unique ways that Lush Cosmetics is a leader in the sustainable packaging movement.

Plant-based Packing Peanuts: When you order products and have them delivered to your house, you will open the package to find what may look like standard foam peanuts. However, these packing peanuts are 100% biodegradable and are safe enough to even eat since they are composed of compressed vegetable starch.

Naked Packaging:This means that these products have no packaging. With more people moving towards a zero-waste lifestyle, naked packaging is an alternative that is becoming more popular since people are looking for ways to eliminate their environmental footprint.

Post-consumer Plastic: Packaging for these products are all produced from 100% post-consumer plastic. Companies like Lush also encourages their customers to bring back their used packaging by offering them a free fask mask for every five recyclable containers they bring in. Sustainable companies then take these containers and melt them back down to be reused for new packaging.

Sustainable packaging can be obtained in many different ways Interested in how your company can be a leader in sustainable packaging? Contact us at Pioneer today to find out more!

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