Sustainable Food Packaging

A grey cloth is laid out with wooden eating utensils in it's pockets

Sustainable packaging is all the buzz right now. When people see a photo of a turtle with a plastic straw in their nose, they want to make sure they are buying products that are sustainable. However, consumers still demand a level of quality and consistency with their packaged products. At Pioneer, we can help create high-quality sustainable food packaging customers will rave about. 

Here are some options to consider:

Flexible Packaging

There was a study conducted by the Flexible Packaging Association that says, consumers are willing to pay 10%-17% more on products that are flexible. Consumers prefer these pouches because it is convenient to store, they have the ability to reseal, and have easy-to-open tabs.

Styrofoam Alternatives

You might have noticed consumers have become increasingly conscious of the negative effects that Styrofoam has on our environment and human health. There are Styrofoam substitutes that are derived from corn, molded fiber and pulp, and poly-coated paper.

Sustainable Single-Use Meal Packaging

Single-use, ready meals are very popular in today’s day in age because people are busier than ever. Packaging for a single-use meal can be a challenge because it has to be microwave and oven safe, while still being cool to touch after being heated.

Plastic Bottle Alternatives

Aseptic cartons are a viable option for plastic bottle alternatives. They are lightweight, environmentally friendly, and take up 50% less space than traditional plastic bottles. There is projected to be a 75% growth in aseptic cartons within the next 10 years.

If your food packaging can use a sustainable refresh, contact us today. We have the latest eco-friendly packaging technology available. Sustainable packaging is a big part of the future, don’t be left behind! 

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