Sustainable Drink Packaging

A conveyer belt of packaged milk bottles with the caption "The Latest in Food and Beverage Packaging"


Pioneer Packaging Worldwide specializes in innovative packaging solutions for products across a wide range of industries. One of our healthiest sectors is the food and beverage industry. Here is the latest news from that sector.

Recently, key players in food packaging gathered in Chicago for a seminar titled “Fresher, faster, tastier: How packaging innovations are changing the food industry.” 

One revelation: the food industry is undergoing rapid changes as new products and categories are developed for consumers demanding fresher and tastier options. Packaging provides a valuable link between those producing and those consuming food products. The sustainable packaging movement is taking off in the beer packaging industry. The company that packages Guinness says it will eliminate plastic from its beer packaging, and has poured $21 million into this new plastic-free packaging program. 

The brewer of Corona beer has introduced a new can that doesn’t require plastic ring carriers. It has partnered with an environmental group to help eliminate plastic waste from our oceans. The company is committed to cleaning two million square meters of beach, in 23 countries, this summer.  

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