Sustainable Christmas wrapping paper

A close up of rolls of wrapping paper with a caption "Sustainable Wrapping Paper"


The holidays are upon us, which means so is wrapping paper! It has been estimated that decorating, wrapping, and packaging products account for nearly half of the 85 million tons of paper consumed in the United States alone. This year, FSC Certified paper is focusing on sustainability by creating a sustainable alternative to wrapping paper. Check out a few of the stylish options that are hitting the market this year.

Natural Wrapping Paper – Also called recycled paper, this wrapping paper is made of a thick material that is suitable for products with sharp edges. 

Classic Christmas Wrapping Paper-  This classic, colorful packaging is a must this holiday season. The red and gold paper with printed stars and hearts is the perfect print to get in the holiday spirit. With more than 35 years of experience, Pioneer Packaging aims to provide innovative packaging solutions for clients in all industries! Interested in learning more about our locations and packaging solutions?

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