Stuffed Packaging

Small packages containing nuts, chocolates, and berries

In the next couple of weeks most of us will be stuffing turkeys for Thanksgiving. While many people enjoy the stuffing on Thanksgiving Day, the stuffing method shouldn’t carry over into holiday packaging. Over packaging- or stuffing – isn’t something that most consumers think about, but once they notice, they start seeing stuffed items everywhere.

Consumers get turned off by stuffed package items, especially around the holiday season. This leaves businesses responsible for creating more efficient designs that are effective in storing, shipping and selling their item. But how should you do this?

Businesses should use sustainable packaging materials, such as corrugated cardboard and recycled PET, to design a package that generates less waste. The smooth, flat surface of corrugated cardboard allows for bold graphics and logos, minimizing the need for embellishments that waste more material.

Becoming Certified Frustration-Free Packaging through Amazon helps eliminate unnecessary packaging. Amazon ships products in their own packaging, using advanced software that determines the “right-sized” box and avoiding too-large packaging. Packaging innovations such as the H-Loc Trapped Blister work to reduce waste, using just enough corrugated and recycled PET to contain, protect and display the product.

Pioneer Packaging provides a wide range of sustainable packaging products and services, including corrugated solutions, packaging fulfillment and automated capabilities.

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