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A produce table holding a row of small plastic clamshell containers with red raspberries in each

As the holiday season intensifies, so too does the amount of packages arriving in the mail. This is a good time to reflect and ask yourself: Is my packaging safe?

Most consumers are familiar with the traditional clamshell package, an all-plastic container used extensively for gadgets and electronics, among many other everyday products. While clamshells boast tamper-resistant features and a clear view of the product, these containers are often more associated with their difficult-to-open design in which opening requires a pair of heavy-duty scissors, a strong grip, and a great deal of patience. As large retailers such as Wal-Mart and encourage manufacturers to abandon the clamshell package for a more eco-friendly and consumer-friendly alternative, there comes a need for a versatile, cost-effective packaging solution.

Let’s compare the Clamshell to the H-Loc and see which one makes the most sense for your packaging needs:

The Clamshell: Approximately 6,000 people are injured each year trying to open clamshell packages, according to government researchers. The clamshell may have extreme tamper-evident features, reducing in-store theft from Grinches, but these features also make it difficult for the consumer to open the package after purchase. This leads to the need for knives and scissors to reach the product, as well as sharp plastic edges once opened, making the clamshell an unsafe package.

The H-Loc Trapped Blister: With a significant cutback in the use of plastic packaging, the H-Loc blister pack is a safe clamshell replacement that reduces injury caused by hard-to-open plastic. The H-Loc’s design involves a small amount of 100 percent recycled PET (rPET) to contain the product, combined with recycled corrugate paperboard for easier opening and more graphic space. The minimal plastic allows consumers to easily open the package and enjoy their purchase without suffering.

This holiday season, keep your customers safe and happy with smart packaging solutions that don’t break your budget.

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