Standing Out with Packaging

Previously, we gave you some advice about various Packaging Tips and Tricks to help you grab consumers attention when competition is high. A prime example of a company doing that is Diageo, the company who owns various popular alcohol brands such as Captain Morgan, Guinness, Ketel One, and many more. They wanted to enhance their products that had a stale image, to appeal to the millennial age group that is looking for fun and exciting alcohol products to buy.

Traditionally, rum had a cheap and tired image to consumers, especially the millennial age group. Diageo wanted to increase sales of their Captain Morgan line through packaging to attract a younger, more prominent crowd. In 2015, they decided to introduce to the market a “Cannon Blast Rum” which was a 750ml bottle of rum shaped like a cannonball.

The bottle was wrapped with matte black shrink wrap and portrayed a pirate theme to go along with an authentic cannonball. The unique shape and fun wrapping grabbed millennials attention and put a more trendy image on rum. Diageo saw a spike in sales of Captain Morgan after releasing Cannon Blast Rum.

In 2017, Diageo released their “LocoNut” to keep consumers engaged. This coconut rum resembles the shape and wrapping of a coconut. It also included a scratch and sniff label that gave off a desirable coconut aroma. The millennial group was excited by the interactive packaging and Diageo saw an increase in sales of their rum.

At Pioneer, we watch consumer trends closely to learn the new and exciting ways to package your products to capture the attention of different age groups. We want to make sure that you have a competitive edge over other companies and have an intrigued audience. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our custom packaging.

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