Stand Out With One of These Food Packaging Designs

three cans of kombucha with intricate food packaging

Food packaging can simply be the materials used to wrap and protect your goods, or it can be a unique design solution that makes your brand stand out from the crowd. When customers pass your product in a store or grab their order from their doorstep, the packaging should establish a new and enjoyable brand experience demonstrating that anything, even a box of granola bars that will eventually be recycled, is exciting and unique. 

Pioneer Packaging has been leading the way for packaging solutions for more than 35 years. Our expert team strives to provide creative and innovative solutions that help your brand stand out. We work closely with a wide range of industries as designers, consultants, and partners in driving your business through packaging. Read our blog post below to learn about food packaging designs you might want to implement for your own brand. 

Food Packaging with Illustrated Designs

Patterns and illustrations on packaging can offer so much more than decoration. Proper illustration can allude to what a product is all about and highlight its most positive attributes.  Instead of a photo of actual coffee beans, a coffee brand might decorate its bags with an oval pattern resembling coffee beans or mug outlines. Tiny simplified or abstract illustrations on packaging look clean and simplistic, grab attention, and give you a hint about what’s inside. 

Simplistic Geometry and Color Blocking on Food Packaging

Another trend that could make your brand stand out is the use of extremely simple, but bold geometric concepts and organically shaped color blocking. These designs use uneven shapes and flowing or neat lines and sharp angles to create packaging that leaves a lasting impression. While this type of design is simple, it helps your brand make a statement. 

Texture is Key on Food Packaging

Integrating texture into a packaging design adds another layer of interest to a product while giving it a high-end feel. One example of integrating texture would be drawing inspiration from paintings and paint textures to add patterns to a label. Textures resembling freshly poured resin or a dried oil painting create the illusion of surface variation and depth. Customers are drawn to this type of packaging, half expecting it to feel like the brush strokes it represents.

Food Packaging is Elevated With Ink Drawings

Ink drawings on packaging feel more like an art gallery than traditional graphic design. Ink drawings can allude to the contents of the package while looking like they were pulled right out of an anatomical illustration or blueprint. The thin and detailed designs of an ink drawing can give products a high-end, personal, and carefully handcrafted feel. Giving your food packaging a focal point, like an ink drawing, gives customers something to remember your brand by.  

Put the Product Front and Center

Instead of making an illustration or logo the packaging’s focal point, choosing to make the product’s name the star of the design leaves no room for wondering what the product is called or what kind of product it is. This type of packaging is perfect for product-focused businesses that aim to increase brand awareness. When putting the focus on the product, it is important to use strong typography as the main design element so that any additional design elements just make the product name pop. 

Story-Driven Food Packaging

Storytelling is a key part of any effective branding and this extends to packaging.  Storytelling goes beyond giving your brand a mascot, these characters are depicted in scenes like a panel of a graphic novel. Characters bring their brands’ stories to life, often in a cartoonish, fun way that makes your eyes travel through the packaging design. Giving your packaging a narrative brings visual interest to the piece and delivers the brand’s story directly to the customer.  

Go Green With Pioneer Packaging

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been the go-to source for quality packaging solutions. Our team of creative designers works closely with you to ensure your brand stands out with innovative packaging. Whether you’re looking to attract new consumers or improve customer experience, we’re able to create a design fit for you. Contact Pioneer Packaging today and learn why we’re a leader in packaging innovation.

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