ShurSEAL Automatic Case Sealing & Why It’s Amazing

When considering the best way to package your products, you can dive headfirst into the sea of different packaging seals, or allow us to highlight one brand that is getting it right and how they do it. If you prefer the latter, please read on to learn more about ShurSEAL. 

Not all product packaging seal machines are designed to ensure efficiency, even if they aim to make that happen. The most secure sealing for products will keep damages and losses down by reducing spills, seal breakage, air bubbles, and gaps in sealed packages. 

Undoubtedly, the details matter when in the packaging business, and that is why we don’t just feature any product. Instead, we are highly selective in what qualifies as a product which we utilize for the benefit of our customers.

Poor Packaging Tape is Expensive and Not Worth the Risk

We’ve all had thin and insecure tape break or lose stickiness not long after trying to adhere it to a box or other packing material. Ensuring the contents of the package stay within the package is pivotal in our industry and to your business. Any threat to your product breaking or spilling due to poor sealing efforts is not something we are willing to risk.

Poorly sealed packages may negatively impact the supply chain flow causing unnecessary downtime, product loss, contamination, and costly reworks. Unsecure packages are also at higher risk of theft before reaching the customer.

Strong and Secure Package Sealing with ShurSEAL

Shurtape doesn’t risk poor-quality packaging, and that’s why we love their products. The SurSEAL automatic case sealing is equally designed with strength and security. Sealing a product or package right the first time is the best way to elevate packing efficiency and avoid double-work. Their efficiency is our efficiency and thus reduces the overall material wasted, downtime, potential injury, and maintenance costs.

What makes SureSEAL Automatic Case Sealing Different?

Let’s look at why ShurSEAL is advanced and offers consistent relief for anyone seeking strong and reliable product packaging seals.

Patented Technology — Using patented technology, all SureSEAL automatic case sealing systems offer 71% greater wipe-down pressure. The applied pressure drives down the adhesive tape further down into the corrugated fibers making the seal harder to break and stronger overall. 

Proven Durability — The adhesion is 2.5 times stronger than competitors’ tape sealing systems. The full profile of the tape strip is pressurized and wiped down to ensure full adhesion without any air bubbles, gaps, or wrinkles in the tape application. 

More Opening Force Required — Packages using SureSEAL technology require three times the strength to open. As a result, SureSEAL packages are reliably more safe and secure along their transportation journey despite being roughly handled, dropped, or stacked. 

Superior Performance in Product Packaging

Superior product packaging is of utmost importance, and that is what SureSEAL is committed to offering in their adhesive technology. Although many factors could contribute to the deterioration of adhesion, Suretape develops products meant to last through bad weather conditions, over-stretch, drops, tumbling, etc. As an industry leader in the sealing industry, we are proud to feature the high-performing case sealing system of ShurSEAL and utilize it with our packaging services.

Expert Product Packaging for Over 35 Years

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been the go-to source for quality packaging solutions. Our innovative product packaging designers work closely with you to ensure your brand is uncompromised in its packaging appearance. 

Whether you’re looking to highlight your sustainability or attract new consumers, we create a design to highlight and enhance your marketing efforts. Contact Pioneer Packaging today and get help today with any of your packaging needs.

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