Questions to Ask While Choosing Packaging

Finding the perfect match of packaging for a product seems easy, but it is actually quite difficult. There are many different variables to consider while choosing the right fit for your product and brand. Here are some questions to ask when selecting packaging:

1. What is Unique About the Product?
Looking at the product and seeing what attributes make it cool or unique, then somehow featuring that in the packaging can be intriguing. A good example of this is the sponge under translucent material pictured as an afro.

2. What is the Packaging Goal?
Are you trying to impress consumers with an experience while unpacking, or are you trying to portray a low cost efficient product? Having a goal of what you are trying to accomplish with packaging is a good idea to make sure the right opinions are formed of the product and brand. Looking at the examples, the champagne bottle comes in a box that is extravagant and gives the bottle a fancy ,high class image. On the flip side, the low cost products should have limited packaging, like the example of the box.

3. What are the Distribution Channel Variables?
This question is sometimes not given as much thought as it deserves. It’s important to think about all the different variables a package will go through while in transit. Thinking about the way your product will be shipped whether it be through air, truck, train, or boat can provide answers to the type of packaging you will need.

These are just some of the questions you should ask before picking out the best packaging for your product. At Pioneer Packaging, we are here to help you when choosing the best packaging material for your brand. With our experience and expertise, we give you the best packaging solutions to ensure success. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any packaging questions.

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