Pro Packaging Tips for Successful Startups

Woman with startup using pro packaging tips for her small business

Hey, future mogul! It takes major cojones to dive headfirst into the world of startups – but we’re sure you’re a go-getter who’s more than up for the challenge. Speaking of challenges, we have some seriously slick packaging tips to help your products stand out from the crowd and practically jump into your customers’ carts. Get ready to watch those sales soar!

Want to hear something crazy? A stunning 70% of customers out there confess to buying certain products simply because of the packaging! That’s right, friend, looks do matter – despite what your mom told you. And we can’t emphasize the significance of nailing your product’s packaging game enough.

First impressions are everything, so here are some must-do packaging tips for any startup.

#1 Get Intimate with Your Target Audience

Are you seeking to attract the attention of wealthy pet owners, busy working professionals, college students – or stay-at-home moms? Be clear on who is likely to benefit the most from the product you develop. Who is your target audience, and why? 

Why should they be interested, invested, and loyal to your product? 

You have to take time to research and compile critical information related to your target audience, including predicting their needs, goals, pain points, values, and what makes them choose one product over another. This aspect has been covered before in previous articles, but it’s foundational to the success of your business and ongoing longevity in a highly competitive market. 

How does this relate to your packaging choices?

Good question! So, based on your research results, you’ll design packaging from the point of view of your ideal customer. For example, if you are trying to reach a younger demographic, consider opting for colorful typography, bold color schemes, trendy images, and words that catch the attention of this target market. For the eco-conscious shopper, choose packaging that aligns with your sustainable packaging – you get the idea.

#2 Have Healthy Communication 

Consumers are like toddlers when it comes to their attention spans. Nothing is more frustrating than picking up a product, scanning it over, and remaining confused and uncertain about what exactly it is and how it might benefit you. You want products to clearly communicate their purpose and benefits to the consumer. 

We know building your brand and packaging design is exciting, but try not to leap off the deep end of creativity so much that you forget to communicate a straightforward message to your potential customers! Shoppers are scanning and skimming the sea of choices; those that aren’t clear and concise are often left in the dust – just like your sanity after spending all that time and effort on a packaging flop.

#3 Keep It Real

We know you want your product to sell, but avoid anything the customer would scoff at when reading and analyzing the label. Making bogus claims that are just exaggerations shows dishonesty, and customers are highly sensitive to dishonest product claims. While you might be tempted to think it sounds attractive, too often, customers find it just plain – annoying. Desperation is easy to detect, even in product packaging. Startups can’t afford to make this mistake. So, keep it honest and real and establish your reputation as perfectly legit!

There are plenty more pro tips, but these should be enough to get you started brainstorming a killer packaging design and hearing the checkout beeps ring all year round! 

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