Pioneer’s PackFlow℠ Analysis Saves Big Money

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Pioneer is always searching for ways to save money on packaging costs. For more than 35 years, our team of packaging experts has helped hundreds of companies achieve a competitive advantage through their packaging-related cost savings, with our Continuous Improvement Program. We utilize a systematic approach to evaluate and uncover excess packaging-related costs while offering measurable cost-reduction initiatives to strengthen your competitive advantage. Benefits include the discovery and implementation of cost-saving initiatives, documented tracking of subsequent savings, and periodic reviews of any new challenges.

A key component of our Continuous Improvement Program is our Packflow℠ analysis. Whether it’s a car, computer or packaging machinery, anything with moving parts needs a periodic adjustment to maintain its functionality. Even minor tweaks in the packaging process can lead to saving money – potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our Packflow℠ analysis delves into settings, materials, and processes used on our production lines, optimizing them to achieve the best results. It’s like a controlled experiment, in which we run a roll of packaging film that’s different than our current film. We then compare a series of benchmarks to determine the best ways to improve efficiency and your bottom line.

Even if we think our line is running on all cylinders, a Packflow℠ analysis can help us identify things we hadn’t thought of, discovering un-utilized means of improving operations. Because we understand that time is money, we minimize downtime; a typical analysis can be finished in less than 30 minutes. First, our team watches your products run on the line for about 15 minutes at their current settings, recording things like appearance, packaging speeds, reject rates and jam rates to establish benchmarks. Then we put on a different film, making adjustments to optimize the process before running a film test and recording the same benchmarks. After that test, the original material is put back in with all the original settings. Our team discusses the results of both runs with you and we analyze whether changes are warranted.  

The Packflow℠ analysis almost always uncovers tweaks that could save money. These can include:

  • Using less expensive film
  • Changing specifications like switching to a lighter gauge or a narrower roll of film
  • Making set-up changes like reducing the amount of film taken from the roll for each package
  • Changing the product orientation, which can lead to reducing of the amount of scrap on each package
  • Making adjustments to the line efficiency, such as reducing the number of changeovers due to longer rolls and improving storage and handling

To learn more about our Continuous Improvement Program and how conducting a Packflow℠ analysis can improve efficiency, increase productivity and bolster your bottom line, contact Pioneer today.

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