Packaging Psychology and Influence on Product Buying

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Product packaging either draws a customer in or repels them towards considering other competitor brands. Therefore, correctly executing the visual elements is crucial when communicating with your target buyers. 

Consumer behavior analysts report that logo design, colors, typography, and the overall design of product packaging trigger one-third of consumer-based decisions. Therefore, influencing consumer decision-making is critical to brand and packaging success. 

Here are some significant influences on consumer behavior. 

The Von Restorff Effect on Product Packaging

The details matter like never before in product design; to execute a successful branding style or redesign, you must pay attention to minor details. A large part of this is due to the Von Restorff effect. Also known as the “isolation effect,” this consumer behavioral insight suggests that an object showcasing a unique packaging design from all the others is most likely to be remembered and chosen among the rest. 

Creating a visually distinctive product increases the likelihood of a purchase. Important information should be easily identifiable and understood, using all the possible visual design elements and messaging.

Key Takeaway for Brands

Be bold and unique. Don’t be afraid to stand out on the shelf and encourage a purchase. 

Communicating through Intentional Product Design

Everything you communicate outside the package will likely be associated with what’s on the inside. For example, using high-quality materials and a more upscale packaging design is associated with a higher-quality product overall. 

The reverse is also true: if packaging materials and branding appear dull, cheap, or low quality, it doesn’t matter how well-crafted and authentic your product is. You’re not going to see the sales you would if you changed the style and messaging to match the product. 

Chobani’s Rebranding Success Story

The yogurt industry is getting stirred again since Chobani decided to rebrand itself to remain competitive. However, since Chobani first hit the yogurt scene, other Greek yogurt brands and alternative yogurt options have flooded the refrigerated shelves, making it harder to pick Chobani out of the crowd.

The rebranding revolved around the need to raise its sales once again. So how did they do this? They began by changing their typography, graphics, and messaging to depict a more artisan, man-made, and natural yogurt. The newer muted colors, rustic font, and hand-drawn images helped give the yogurt brand a premium aesthetic. These changes proved successful in the numbers of sales, and Chobani rose once again to the top of dominating yogurt companies. 

Most recently, Chobani has included more sustainable packaging that uses 80 percent paperboard and shows responsibility for reducing plastic usage and other non-sustainable materials. As a result, consumers who share this value are more likely to purchase Chobani than their competitors, who still use all plastic and foil in their yogurt packaging. 

Key Takeaways for Brands

Communicate your values in product packaging and consider every detail when rebranding for optimal sales success.

When designing your product packaging, match the appearance to the contents, be unique, and show your values as a brand. Consumers will appreciate the design just as much as the product itself.

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