4 Packaging Materials to Consider for Aerospace Parts

An overhead shot of the exterior of the cockpit of the an aerospace plane

The aerospace industry follows strict safety guidelines in every aspect of its operations. This is evident when looking at the transportation and storage of important parts. Many of them are uniquely shaped, large, and fragile, like wing assemblies, engines, gears, and technological components. The aerospace industry relies on skilled packaging manufacturers to design and implement solutions customized to protect these assets while maintaining rigorous standards. Below are a few examples of packaging materials used to facilitate their parts. 

ESD Shielding Products

When you need to protect sensitive products or electronic equipment, ESD Shielding materials are the answer. They protect sensitive objects by shielding them from static through plastic packaging. Construction is often accomplished by layering a form of conductive metal, along with a plastic layer, to dissipate static. 

Water-Vapor-Proof Materials

Another important packaging solution to protect sensitive electronics and metal surfaces is vapor-proof packaging. In the aerospace industry, it’s common to fight off nasty weather. With this packaging material, the industry can ensure their electronic components are safe.

Grease-Proof Materials

The aerospace industry is always around mechanical components and grease is a common contaminator. That is why utilizing grease-proof materials for their packaging is essential when protecting their storage from possible contamination.

Heat-Sealable Products

Another element aerospace industry professionals must account for is the effects of dust and other adverse climates. To protect their electronics and other items in storage, investing in heat-sealable materials is an effective way to ensure their safety.

Pioneer Packaging Are Your Aerospace Packaging Professionals

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