Innovative Packaging for Outdoor and Sports Industries

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Designs for outdoor and active products should pack with a punch, meaning the unpacking experience should be exciting, avoiding tired-looking designs. Adopting the latest graphic design ideas can give packaging a facelift and engage customers. Packaging also needs to appeal to customer emotions quickly and convincingly, prompting purchasing decisions and loyalty. 

Outdoor Gear: How To Create Innovative Packaging

The outdoor gear industries are all about innovating even the most basic products, so why should its packaging lag behind? An example of this is a fishing line. It’s a pretty mundane product, but there are ways to make the unboxing experience exciting to its customers. 

Pure Fishing Inc has been very successful in creating new and original packaging. A twist-off blister is caught between two paperboard halves with a flange, allowing fishermen to replenish line on a fishing reel and easily return the rest of the package for future use on additional reels. That impossible to open packaging that frustrates everyone is nowhere in sight. Instead, the package is easy to open, stores the product, and allows consumers to recycle each portion of the paperboard and the blister very easily. The graphics on the package also stand out above their competitors. 

The Athletic Industry Introduces New Packaging Solutions

Let’s take a look at packaging for athletic shoes. Many shoe companies package their product in a not-so-exciting shoe box. What usually happens to this shoe box? Most people store it under their bed or use it to store collectibles and put it high in their closet, never to be seen again. 

The popular athletic shoe brand, PUMA found a way to reimagine the way they package their products while also being sustainable. Now its athletic shoes come in box bottoms that get tucked inside of a reusable bag that’s branded in their signature red with white lettering. Every time consumers reuse this bag they become walking ads for PUMA. This creates quite a buzz and a memorable and meaningful unboxing experience for the customer. 

Packaging Trend In The Outdoor And Sports Industries

As the packaging industry continues to progress, the outdoor and sports industries are leaning towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Sustainability and recycling have taken center stage in today’s world. Zero-waste packaging is on a rise and other environmentally friendly packaging supplies are booming. As these industries continue to use innovative and sustainable packaging, the likelihood of customer loyalty increases.

Pioneer Packaging Provides Custom and Innovative  Packaging Solutions

With over 35 years of experience, Pioneer Packaging has provided exceptional packaging solutions in a number of industries. Contact us today to learn how we can help create custom and innovative packaging.

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