Packaging Designs That Amplify Your Pet Food Branding

Girl feeds dog pet food

When you think about your pet food branding, it’s easy to get lost in what you should add to your design. When it comes to pet food, it’s especially important to include elements that ensure you get your customer’s attention and maintain strong, unique branding. Additionally, it’s key to keep your customer’s interests in mind: people care deeply about their pets, so your packaging should meet their individual needs. But, how can this be achieved?

Pioneer Packaging has been working with a wide range of clients in multiple industries to create reliable, creative designs that meet their goals. We’ve partnered with many people ranging from those in the pet industry and automotive to those in food and cosmetics. There’s not an industry we can’t help. Read our blog post below to learn how packaging designs can help enhance pet food branding. 

Maintaining The Quality and Freshness of Your Pet Food

Much like human food, pet products must maintain their freshness to ensure products are safe to consume. Packaging plays a very important role in this as it protects the food from being contaminated, damaged, and from going bad. 

There are many materials being used in order to protect pet food from these issues. This includes:

  • Stand Up Pouches (SUP): These packages are common in the pet industry as they’re the go-to for larger bags of pet food. These are also some of the most economical options available.
  • Quad Seal Bags: Another solution is the quad seal bag. This can be a great option for companies looking to increase their branding and remain cost-effective.  
  • Flat Bottom Bags: While relatively new to the market, this style suits products containing up to 25 lbs.  This is another popular option for larger pet products and makes for great shelf utilization. 

Appealing to Pet Owners

Beyond protecting your pet food from the elements, packaging must be designed to attract your consumer’s attention. One solution you might consider implementing is flexible packaging. These materials include doy-style bags, which allow for bigger, bolder imagery. Or, you may consider eco-friendly packaging alternatives as this has shown to be a very important component in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

You may also consider adding a window display to your packaging. This will allow your customer to see what your product looks like and helps them determine if your food is what they’re looking for. 

Another thing you need to think about when developing your pet food packaging is your messaging. This helps your audience decide if your product is right for them and helps highlight your company’s branding. Is your product all-natural? Gluten-free? Organic? Then your messaging should be geared towards these ideas. This allows you to connect with consumers looking for these kinds of products. 

Pet Food Should Use Pictures of the Animals They Feed

Who doesn’t love looking at animals? More than that, using imagery to highlight what your product is geared towards is the best way for consumers to instantly see if your product is right for them and their pet. Being able to highlight your product’s benefits next to a bright, cute photo of a pet makes your packaging much more appealing to the average customer. 

Make Your Pet Food Packaging User-Friendly

As you begin designing your packaging, consider who you are selling to and what they’ll find appealing about your product. It’s important that you figure out how your product will be used to determine how you can make the process as simple as possible. For example, if your product requires the customer to pour the food, you may consider including a handle to make it easier to pour. Or, if this is a product that can be used over a period of time, you should make it resealable for freshness. 

Pioneer Packaging is Your Partner in Packaging Solutions

For more than 35 years, Pioneer Packaging have been experts in developing excellent packaging solutions. We incorporate creative designs that emphasize attractiveness and functionality to ensure your product withstands transit and appeals to the consumer. Additionally, we look to incorporate eco-friendly solutions to help your company reduce its environmental impact. Contact us today and let us know what we can do for you.

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