Where is My Package?: The Tracking Trend

A delivery man pushes a stack of packages on a dolly

With consumer shopping preferences shifting towards purchasing products online, consumers are opting for package tracking services. When it comes to shopping online, consumers are more likely to choose the retailer that they know is reliable and punctual. According to research, if a consumer experiences delays or delivery problems, 87% of them would switch to another package delivery service or retailer. Here are a few ways to stay on top of this tracking trend.

Package Tracking Options: Years ago when consumers were buying online, there were limited shipping options for them to choose from. Retailers offered the basica standard delivery service with no tracking abilities or pay for expedited services with tracking included. Now, online businesses offer a medium cost service that has includes tracking abilities. This service is for customers who do need their packages in such a rush as the expedited services, but they are willing to pay for the knowledge of where their package is and when it will be arriving.

Track Apps: There is an app for everything, and now there are plenty of apps that will meet your tracking needs. With consumers becoming increasingly tech-savvy, package tracking apps offer consumers a way to organize shipments from different service providers in one app. Parcel, Deliveries, and ParcelTrack are the highest rated package tracking apps.

Last-Mile Delivery: The Last-Mile Delivery is a concept that has taken over the shipping and logistics industry. The Last-Mile Delivery is a metaphor to describe how a package is delivered to its final destination. When it comes to tracking packages, companies can now send updates through either email or SMS the day of delivery to communicate as much as possible to the consumer on the success or possible setbacks of the delivery.

The basic goal for any shipping service provider is to deliver the package to the correct consumer. With consumers wanting to know more about the process of their deliveries , providing them with as much information as possible proves to consumers that a company is trustworthy.

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