How are Outdoor Recreation Brands Enhancing Their Product Packaging?

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Packaging is a necessary obstacle that almost every business needs in its supply chain. Additionally, it’s what sets companies apart from their competitors in highly active markets. Outdoor recreation is one of those markets which call for packaging solutions that not only meet consumer demands but call for full functionality. One of those demands involves sustainable packaging.

Pioneer Packaging has been leading the way for incredible packaging solutions for more than 35 years. Our expert team strives to provide creative, innovative solutions that exceed your expectations. We work closely with a wide range of industries from food and cosmetic companies to medical and aerospace professionals; we’re the go-to for quality designs. Read our blog post below and learn how outdoor recreation brands are enhancing their product packaging. 

The Future of Outdoor Recreation is Green

Consumers are demanding more sustainable alternatives when it comes to their products. Everything from the materials used to create the product to the box that facilitates it, eco-friendly is in! Many companies are moving towards a more sustainable future by adopting a variety of solutions that meet demand. When it comes to packaging, this includes: 

  • Making packages recyclable
  • Eliminating unnecessary packaging
  • Avoid laminates and other single-use packaging materials
  • Create packaging that can be reused
  • Avoid metallic, UV-curved, or fluorescent inks

Additionally, outdoor recreation companies are beginning to use more sustainable materials in their packaging. Gone are the days of plastic on top of the plastic, now they’re using post-consumer recycled content, agricultural waste, and textile scrap to create amazing packages. 

Outdoor Recreation Brands are Becoming More Transparent

In addition to becoming more eco-friendly with their packaging, outdoor brands are being transparent in their sustainability initiatives. It’s not uncommon for brands to explain what their packaging is made from or to use symbols to indicate their product’s recyclability or if it can be repurposed. Providing your customers with information like this can help reassure them that they’ve made the right choice in purchasing your product. 

Outdoor Recreation Companies are Getting Consumers to Recycle

Another way companies are driving their green initiatives is by adopting recycling programs. For example, REI has been a longtime member of How2Recycle, a voluntary recycling-label program developed by GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition. The idea is to educate consumers with standardized common-sense labeling that communicates recycling instructions for each component of their packaging. This ensures consumers are properly informed and capable of distinguishing what is recyclable. 

Transport and Shipping is Changing

Another way companies are changing their packaging is by adopting new ways to ship their products. One example of this is Columbia, which uses single-wall cartons for shipping to reduce their material usage. They’re optimizing their container space by making room for more products to be shipped at once. They’ve also changed their polybag sizes to use less plastic by opting for more sustainable solutions such as recycled materials for their hang-tags and retail bags.

Outdoor Brands are Using Less Harmful Chemicals

Another brand, Velocio, spandex designed with bicyclists in mind, is using Bluesign fabrics. Bluesign establishes management systems for improving environmental outcomes in 5 areas of manufacturing: resource productivity, consumer safety, water emissions, air emissions, and occupational health and safety. The innovative Bluesign system helps factories manage harmful chemicals with safer alternatives to protect the environment. 

Let Pioneer Packaging Help You Transform Your Outdoor Recreation Packaging

Going green doesn’t happen overnight. When you partner with an experienced packaging company, you’re given the support and imagination to make an impact on your branding. 

For over 35 years, Pioneer Packaging has been the go-to source for quality packaging solutions. Our team of creative designers works closely with you to ensure your brand is represented through attractive packaging. Whether you’re a food brand looking to highlight sustainability or a medical company promoting wellness, we’re able to create a design fit for you. Contact Pioneer Packaging today and learn why we’re a leader in packaging innovation.

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