On-Demand Packaging is in Demand

An interior shot of a warehouse facilitating cardboard boxes

Consumers are becoming increasingly used to getting their products and services on demand. You can binge-watch television shows over the course of a year, or a weekend. Want to make dinner reservations? These days you can set up the entire thing without even picking up a phone, arrange for a driver to and from dinner using technology and check your bank balance before paying your driver, thanks to that technology.

That mindset is now permeating the packaging industry. Because waiting for a new packaging machine to be configured, manufactured and delivered is no longer a viable option, cutting-edge companies are keeping a supply of machines in-house, ready to be shipped on short notice. Ordering a set number of box sizes for your business is both inefficient and clumsy. It can also cost your business money – the empty space in your packages is actually filled with potential profits.

On-demand packaging is an ideal solution for highly-variable shipping environments. Instead of ordering premade boxes, box on-demand equipment is installed in your facility, giving you the ability to make just the right size box for every order you may have, whether individual or multiple orders. Because there is no upfront cost for the equipment, you merely purchase the corrugated fanfold you need.  

This is the ideal solution to any packaging need you may have where correctly-sized boxes are a necessity, including fulfillment, manufacturing, e-commerce, manufacturing, and fabrication or point-of-purchase displays.

To talk over your packaging needs, including the on-demand option, contact Pioneer Packaging today.

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