How To Delight Customers with Memorable Unboxing Experiences in the eCommerce Industry

A box with a sleek packaging design that creates a memorable unboxing experience ecommerce

The market for eCommerce goods has changed drastically over the last decade and is expected to grow even more with an estimated market value of 61.55 billion dollars by 2025. The demand for eCommerce packaging solutions to handle shipping and logistics is constantly increasing, while the need to create a unique customer experience continues to grow alongside it. Activities related to designing, evaluating, and producing encompass eCommerce packaging. A branded packaging experience includes a thoughtful approach to presenting your products while increasing profitability and creating a memorable first impression for the customer. 

As one of the top packaging manufacturers in Phoenix, Pioneer Packaging has assisted in creating unique packaging for a quality unboxing experience. Read below to learn some things we look out for in this type of packaging.

Importance of Product Packaging in Ecommerce

Online retailers are continuing to see growth in their online sales due to the efficiency and convenience for shoppers. The downside of this for retailers is that online shopping removes the hands-on experience of customers when shopping at a physical location. Because of this, eCommerce packaging is more important than ever to create a meaningful experience. 

A recent survey from Dotcom Distribution found 40% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant with premium packaging. Creating a memorable unboxing experience is essential for online retailers to grow their brand and increase profitability. But how exactly can retailers invoke this feeling from their customers and be sure they are using the right form of packaging?

Types of eCommerce Packaging 

There are several ways products can be shipped, and it’s up to the retailer to choose the best option for their brand and customer needs.

One form of eCommerce packaging is utilizing corrugated boxes. This is the most common form of packaging as it is sturdy, easy to ship, and doesn’t add weight to the package. Corrugated boxes are also good for the environment as they are easily recyclable. 

Another type of eCommerce packaging, and perhaps the most effective, is creating a custom eCommerce package. Businesses can create branded boxing, packing slips, and more to create a satisfying experience for the customer. Waiting for your order to arrive, receiving the product, and opening the package is an exciting experience. Branded packaging adds to the anticipation of the unboxing. 

Six Guidelines for Packaging Solutions in the eCommerce Industry

Now that we know why eCommerce packaging is essential, we now need to know the right eCommerce packaging solutions by following the six guidelines, which include:

  • Creating the best packaging to fit the product 
  • Using flexible packaging when appropriate 
  • Incorporating “green” packaging where possible 
  • Using strapping tape that seals, strengthens, and brands the product 
  • Making your packaging stand out 
  • Creating an experience that makes the customer feel like they are receiving a special gift 

In addition, the best way to build customer loyalty is by exceeding expectations. Some ways to do this include: 

  • Inserting colorful tissue paper 
  • Inserting a personalized thank you note
  • Adding exclusive discounts or coupons
  • Adding a “bonus” gift or sample of a product 

Make Your Unboxing Experience Worth Remembering 

Creating a unique, unforgettable unboxing experience can give a business the competitive edge it needs. Online retailers should consider packaging that can generate repeat customers and generate new customers. 

Bonobos, a company that specializes in men’s apparel, says it best, “At the end of the day, you’re not building an e-commerce company, you’re building a brand that has e-commerce as its core distribution channel.”

Pioneer Packaging Creates Memorable Unboxing Experiences

Pioneer Packaging has the resources and experience to provide clients with total packaging solutions from design to delivery. These resources serve multiple industries, including food and beverage, medical, and automotive. Contact us today to find out how Pioneer Packaging can help you create the experience your customers deserve!

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