Make the Switch to Flexible Packaging

Small packages containing nuts, chocolates, and berries

With new technology available, it is easier than ever to utilize product packaging that is flexible. There was a study conducted by the Flexible Packaging Association that says, consumers are willing to pay 10%-17% more on products that are inflexible packaging rather than non-flexible packaging. Consumers prefer it because it is convenient to store products, it has the ability to reseal, and it has easy-to-open tabs. At Pioneer, we have custom packaging available to fit the needs of your company to both save and garner you money with flexible packaging.

The study also states that 55% of owners say they saw an increase in sales when they made the switch over to flexible packaging. Products look more innovative and feel more appealing while in non-traditional shapes. Moreover, it is advantageous because of its sustainable qualities. Flexible packaging uses less natural resources, is more energy efficient, and uses less fossil fuel when in transit.  

Flexible Packaging has been a popular trend in the packaging industry in recent years mostly because of its cost savings. Fewer materials being used, stronger protection, and custom qualities make it so you can be more cost-efficient. Here at Pioneer, your company can enroll in our PackFlow℠ Analysis, where we can find out just how much you can save with us by making the switch.

A change in packaging may be difficult for your company if you have been using the same packaging for a long period of time. At Pioneer, we are here for you. We are here to make this transition go as smoothly as possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.   

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