Laser Die Cutting Advantages

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Get a Packaging Advantage… with Lasers!

Laser Die Cutting

In rock, paper, scissors, laser always wins! So how can you bring a laser to the scissor fight your competitors are engaged in when it comes to packaging? Laser die cutting.

Dies, which can be thought of as templates, are the backbone of many traditional manufacturing processes, including production of packaging materials. Dies are used for creating the cuts, folds, and perforations on everything from milk cartons to greeting cards. But today instead of using metal dies, you can accomplish the same tasks with lasers, which have several big benefits.

Lower Setup Costs

The first step in the die manufacturing process is to create the die itself. The cost of tooling a die can be many tens of thousands of dollars, even for small dies of only a few inches. The cost of the die is depending on the size of the piece, the complexity of the design, the need for precision, and many other factors.

In a laser cutting process, no die must be produced. Instead, you simply upload the laser machine with a digital file describing the operations to be performed to create your packaging. This can save a company a ton of money, especially on small packaging runs.


Because you don’t have to create a die, the production process can begin much faster, which is ideal for rush orders.

Additionally, if you notice something you want changed, it’s simply a matter of updating your design file. With a die, if you want to make a change, you may have to start from scratch, resulting in delays and higher costs.


Laser die cutting allows you to make individually customized packages. If you want your packaging customized with first names, states, cities, or some other unique bit of information, this is very easily achieved with laser cutting. Laser die cutting also allows you to mass produce incredibly intricate and eye catching designs at a very low cost, that might be impossible or very expensive with dies.

Dies Aren’t Dead

Despite all the advantages listed above, dies aren’t dead. For well-defined, high volume production runs, they are still the fastest and cheapest way to produce. But laser die cutting, the new kid on the bock, has some applications where it’s a clear winner. Fortunately, here at Pioneer Packaging we’re experts on both methods.

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