Is Augmented Reality the Future of Packaging?

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Just about every aspect of our lives has been disrupted by technology. From talking on a telephone and composing a letter to traveling in a car, it’s hard to imagine doing something the same way today it was done just a generation ago. These days, you can add buying a jar of pasta sauce to that list. Thanks to augmented reality (AR), packaging has entered the 21st century.

For example, looking at a jar of Francesco Rinaldi pasta sauce has morphed into an interactive adventure, thanks to AR. Consumers can pick up a jar of sauce and scan the label (using the Francesco Rinaldi AR App (available via the Apple Store or Google Play) and hear the story of the product directly from the brand mascot, Mrs. Rinaldi. The company is enthusiastic about utilizing this new way to reach consumers. “Through AR, we are looking forward and focusing on technology, while staying true to our traditional pasta sauce recipes and Italian culture,” says Mary DeMarco, creative and branding director for brand owner LiDestri Food and Drink. “The app enables us to reach a new generation of pasta sauce lovers by being innovative and disrupting tradition a little.” There are different messages available to consumers, discussing sauces and the company’s new eco-friendly “Living Jar” which is lighter and shatterproof. While this AR-enhanced packaging was introduced in November, DeMarco says initial response from consumers and retailers has been positive.

Augmented Reality offers several advantages over traditional packaging, including attracting new customers, standing out from competitors, and improving the packaging’s appearance and brand loyalty. Studies show that as many as 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for what they perceive as a better experience.

To learn more about AR packaging and how you can utilize this cutting-edge technology for your company, contact Pioneer Packaging today.

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