Increasing Graphic Space for Product Packaging


trapped blisterA product’s packaging is more than a simple box that carries the product from warehouse to store shelf. A creative packaging solution not only keeps the product protected from damage and tampering, but it also works as a marketing tool that helps customers make their final purchasing decision.

Plastic and Graphics Don’t Mix

Many products are kept in a traditional clamshell package due to its tamper-evident and tamper-proof qualities, yet the clamshell’s all-plastic design makes it difficult for displaying the eye-catching graphics and logos that draw the customers. The excessive plastic also creates a glare from the store’s fluorescent lights, making the product and graphics hard to see. When customers can’t see the brand names, unique graphics and product details that they are looking for in a purchase, they are likely to pass by the product and move on to the next.

How the H-Loc Trapped Blister Increases Graphic Space

The H-Loc Trapped Blister is a sustainable packaging solution that is ideal for retailers and businesses looking for a cost-effective clamshell replacement that can increase graphic space, improving a product’s performance and sales. The trapped blister is designed with a minimal amount of recycled PET, an environmentally friendly plastic material that contains the product. The recycled plastic is then surrounded and kept in place by two pieces of recycled corrugated paperboard. Because the package is composed of mostly cardboard rather than plastic, the trapped blister allows for more space to clearly display bold, attractive graphics and product information. The increased graphic space can be used to clearly display product specifications, instructions and other pertinent information, so that customers can obtain the details they need to make an informed purchase. The minimal plastic use also reduces the glare, making the graphics and the product more visible and giving customers a clear view of the item.

In addition to increased graphic space, the H-Loc Trapped Blister uses soy- and water-based inks and 100% recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly packaging solution across any channel.


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